Hare Krishna Single 2012

    Hare Krishna - free Download

    A book about George Harrison was Wieland Hofmeister’s inspiration for the album title, MAGICAL KARMA – so HARE KRISHNA was never far from his mind …


    “… I am a complete and utter BEATLES fan. They are above everything that followed in Pop and Rock music afterwards. I don’t think I could ever do justice to a song of this great band, so I won’t ever cover them, but we took the indirect route and paid homage to the immortal legacy of Lennon-McCartney-Harrison & Starkey by doing the traditional HARE KRISHNA with Mac, Anca & Osssy. Harrison was into spiritual things in the 60s, and his version of this religious chant proved once again what a great musician and visionary spirit he was.”

    Wieland Hofmeister

    HARE KRISHNA is a bonus track on the XXL version of MAGICAL KARMA. All the fans of YARGOS can download it for free, so: Join the Song