YARGOS – is a stylistic amalgamation of Art & Prog Rock, the AOR sound and Power Metal (musical references to idols such as Yes, Kansas, Genesis, and Dream Theater are not just coincidences, but explicitly intended), reaching all the way back to the 1970s. The band has already experienced some breaks and line-up changes, but also many memorable live gigs.

    In 2005, YARGOS recorded their debut album, which earned a lot of praise from the international music press. While looking for a singer for this album, the band mastermind & composer Wieland "Wielo" Hofmeister (gui / keys), producer Osssy Pfeiffer (piano / keys / drums), and Anca Graterol (voc) turned to Andrew “MAC” McDermott, who was the singer of THRESHOLD at the time. Mac quickly got enamored with the concept of a powerful Prog-Rock project and joined in. The debut album also featured Andreas "Andy" Kienitz (solo gui - Hydrotoxin, Human Fortress) and Peter Pichl (bass - Running Wild, Nektar).

    Mac’s comment in 2005: “With their FRIDA PARK STUDIO in Hanover, Anca and Osssy are the regional figureheads of rock music. They have gathered experience through tons of international productions (including Michael Schenker Group, Rough Silk, The Jinks, Spice, Stephan Remmler, Sweet, Jane, and many more) and it’s always great to work with them. Anca is not only an extraordinary singer and guitar player, she also supports YARGOS as a professional vocal coach.”

    Jan Nemec (who had worked in the Horus Studio and the Abbey Road Studio for Hans-a-plast, Royal Garden, Eloy, etc. and had received a golden record) was brought in to co-produce the album.

    In 2011, the band completed work on their second album, MAGICAL KARMA – just two weeks before the tragic death of MAC; the album became his legacy and was released in May 2012. Chris Lanz from the Produkton studio in Hanover produced MAGICAL KARMA, and bass player Lars Lehman (UFO, Winnie Moore, Uli John Roth, Simon Philips et al.) added his special touch to the this multifaceted album.

    YARGOS' music can't be pigeonholed– and that is exactly the way it is supposed to be. Quote from the Eclipsed magazine: “... Welcome to Metal madness … YARGOS are definitely aiming for something higher ...“

    Work on the third YARGOS output is to begin in summer 2012 – the band is currently looking for a new singer, and the first hearings already took place with the prospect of good weather … rock on, YARGOS!